Coping With Tragedy
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Emotional Support in the Aftermath of Tragedy

When tragedy strikes again, it is not unusual for people to feel a wide range of emotions related to the previous trauma as well as the most recent event. Following the recent campus shooting on December 8th, members of the Virginia Tech community will each have different needs and different ways of coping. We know that many find it helpful to talk with someone about their feelings. This includes talking with family and friends and/or with a health professional. The following resources and information are available to support our community at this time.

       Helping You Cope (wallet card)
       Helping Students Cope (wallet card)
       More information on coping with tragedy: Achieve Solutions
       Virginia Community Resources List (PDF)

Acute Stress Disorder: Re-experiencing the Trauma (PDF)
       Acute Stress Disorder: Responses to a Traumatic Event (PDF)
       Common Reactions to Trauma (PDF)
       Dealing with Anti-Asian Sentiments (PDF)
       Depression as a Response to Trauma (PDF)
       Facts About Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PDF)
       How Do I Know if I Have Acute Stress Disorder? (PDF)
       Phases of Traumatic Stress Reactions in a Disaster (PDF)
       Self-care Primer for Trauma Helpers (PDF)
       Self-care Tips for Emergency and Disaster Response Workers (PDF)
       Signs and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PDF)
       Support for Trauma Responders (PDF)
       Tips for Survivors: Managing Your Stress (PDF)
       Tips for Survivors: What To Expect (PDF)
       When Should I Seek Professional Help? (PDF)
       When a Friend or Loved One has Been Traumatized (PDF)

For Managers
       Coping With Random Violence: EAP Is Here for You & Your Employees (PDF)
       Helping Employees After a Traumatic Event
       Managing the Impact of Random Violence

For Faculty        
       How to Help Yourself and Your Students (PDF)